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Fence Lake, Rockport - Fulton - June 2014

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Everyone on the list should have received an email from me this morning.  Of those signed up, Bob S & Chris S have dropped. Please let me know your status so that I may get a head count & see if someone else is interested in a spot on the Skimmer.

I will be there Saturday morning, no room needed.

Denis Auger

Finn Maccumhail:
I already addressed this via email but I'll be down there & fishing with everybody but I'm not taking the kayaks or the Skimmer. I'll run the new Gheenoe over. If it's calm I'll just run straight across the bay from Cove Harbor. If it's rough I'll launch by Lighthouse Lakes and run up the backside of San Jose through Blind Pass.

That being said- I have one kayak left for sale. The Big Tuna will be gone tonight to a TKF member but I'll have the Drifter for sale. Check my post in the Classifieds section.


As of right now, I have confirmed:

John P
Scott F
Dan S.
Dave G.
Kevin Mc.
Dennis A.
Andrew B.
Travis R.
Matt B.  (the Brit)

Signed up but cancelled

Chris S.
Bob S
Matt B (the Okie)
Thomas P

Signed up in error

Les L.

So, it looks like we have our 10 guys. Please don't forget the $25 and waiver forms on Sat morning!

Looks like we should have a great time. Be sure to bring plenty of fluids. If you want beer/cokes for the ride back on the Skimmer, bring it and have Capt Tommy ice is down for you.

Call me if something is up.



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