Author Topic: Prison Permit Invitational - March 1  (Read 10627 times)

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Re: Prison Permit Invitational - March 1
« Reply #75 on: March 12, 2014, 07:00:10 PM »
Sorry about the late reply.

I got really busy here in CountryPlace and completely forgot about getting on the site. 

Yeah, I missed the dock while stepping off of John's boat.  I have no idea what happened, but I must say that in the 65 or so years that I have been stepping on and off of boats in and around the bays along Texas I have never missed the dock before!  Now, I will add that I have had at least one person fall into the water when I was behind the wheel - it was my wife and she has not let me live that down, let me tell you!  Oh, well, there is always a first time!

I was hobbled for a couple of days, but not too badly.  The bruise never really materialized, however, I have had some pain and swelling in my lower leg and foot.  I applied an ice pack for the last week and that is most likely why I have had very little bruising.

I had a great time - drank a bunch more beer than usual - ate a lot more jalapenos than I should have - ate too much chilli - slept on my air mattress on the floor (and slept good) - got up right after Puck - ate too many breakfast tacos!  That about sums up the time before fishing.

I did my usual - lots of fishing but no catching.  I road with John and we both fished hard to no avail.  I don't think either one of us even say a fish!  I did hook up once, but did not get more than two strips before it was off the hook.  Must not have set the hook well enough and it was most likely a Hardhead anyway.

You know what they say - a bad day on the water is better than the best day doing anything else!


That was great!

To fish, or not to fish?  What a stupid question!

Don Hanselman

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Re: Prison Permit Invitational - March 1
« Reply #76 on: April 02, 2014, 05:57:44 AM »
My POW broke off from cheap fly rod...I will get better gear...working on it.. Need more practice too!!! Totally different from conventional reels & rods. Even in freshwater and saltwater... Time on the water will make a differance. After June I will be on the water...I still had fun...Justin caught a nice Flounder,,, and Russell fished also.  Russell and I had trouble in the mud bogg. I fell down and couldn't get up, So Russell came near to help an end up, we both got stuff in the mud...So with our powers together we pulled thru.. I have a bad back and he has knee problems, but we made it.  This is another reason a buddy fishing system works, If I was by myself. I probably would still be standing out there.. Thanks! Russell!!