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Colorado River in Columbus - May 10th

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Dave Kelly:
Texas FlyFishers of Houston
Event: Colorado River in Columbus

When:     2014-05-10 (10th May, 2014)   
End Time:    
Trip Leader: Need one

Trip Description:

How to sign up: Sign Up Here, on the sign up sheet distributed at the monthly meeting or e-mail the trip leader.
How to get waiver forms: Download PDF form here. Required  Waiver of Liability, filled out and signed, along with emergency contact information.


About the area:

Important items:
• Member dues are current!
• Waiver of Liability, filled out and signed, along with emergency contact information.  ( Can be downloaded here )
• Extra change of dry clothes
• Wind and/or water proof jacket
• Lunch, Water, snacks
• Sunscreen and Mosquito Repellant
• Hat, Polarized Glasses
• First Aid Kit

Recommended Equipment: 

Recommended Flies:

Recommended guidelines for participants:
• Notify the trip leader if you have any potential concerns
• If inexperienced, then buddy up.
• Have proper safety equipment
• If you are boating or kayaking, inform the trip leader of your float plan if planning to fish alone or longer then the designated times.
• Sign in and sign out at the launch site. Inform the trip leader if you will be launching in a different place.

Do we have a leader for this one yet?



--- Quote from: Puck on December 05, 2013, 10:40:34 AM ---Do we have a leader for this one yet?


--- End quote ---

Nothing heard.

Do we still want to make this trip?


Finn Maccumhail:
I'd love to but May 1st is a Thursday...

...also- Village Creek is a bit of a hike. I was looking at an alternative I could suggest and what about the Colorado River in Columbus? The old 71 bridge to Beason's Park is only about 6.3 miles. That could make for a pretty leisurely day of paddling & fishing. It's only about 45 minutes for you Katy folk and an hour-fifteen or so for me from the Upper East Side.

Finn is correct.  Columbus (or LaGrange) might be fun, but we couldn't do it the 3rd due to the auction. Perhaps 10 May?


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