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Don Hanselman:
When down last weekend to fish with conventional rod and reels. For big reds.... We usually catch five or six big reds on a trip, but only caught one about 25-30lbs on a jig with gulp. I need someone to help me catch a big red like this on a fly rod...any takers.. I know were to find them but the only draw back is that they are in15/ 30ft or so of water..

Dave Kelly:
I would say, tie some weighted clousers in the color of the jigs or black or some black weighted wooly worms.

Weighted line

Yes, a clouser with lead eyes on a sink tip line should work.  A fly line with interchangeable tips might be the most economical approach.  Rio makes a versitip line.  I have the 8 wht. but you could add a sink tip to a 10 wht line to get a weighted fly down there.


Dave Kelly:
Jigging implies fishing straight down from the tip of the rod. Is there enough backbone in a fly rod to set the hook at 30 feet plus feet?

Scott F:
Pull them up top or at least shallower.
Use chum and anchor upcurrent.  Then you can fish for them in the upper 5 ft. of the water column with typical techniqes and equipment.

You can go as sophisticated as you want on chum.  Or use the potlicker approach and use canned dog food.  Gulp makes a chum that works and comes in a resealable plastic tub for ~$25.  It works.


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