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Sunday Morning Surf


The weather looks a little iffy for Sunday (40% T-Storms), but if by tomorrow night, it hasn't changed, I think I'll head on down to Galveston and hit the surf Sunday morning around 7 (ish).  If anyone is interested in meeting up, give me a call at (713) 213-eight one five zero or shoot me an email at mfquigley at

I'll probably stay on the island as I don't know if I want to fool with the ferry.

Decided to punt this morning. The rain/t-storm chance increased from 40 to 70% and the winds were forecast 10-15 w/gusts to 20. Surf was supposedly somewhat kicked up as well.  I might have taken a chance if I wouldn't have burned $40+ in diesel just to get there and back.  Maybe next Sunday. if it looks a little better. Anyone care to join me?

Joe French:
This was Saturday 10-6-13. Surf did not lay with 5mph winds. More like 10-15mph. We did not stay long in surf. We went over to bay side near the pass. Tide still very high with tide on beach also very high. Caught nada. Saw one big red taken from surf.


Nice stuff Joe.  Glad you and Mike were able to share that with Us! I listened to the Sports 610 Fishing Show and they made it sound like the surf was flat or near flat. But like they always say in Texas just wait five minutes conditions will surely change.  This high tide phenomena has got to stop.  The north winds will do that. I am hoping to take a day in the middle of this week with our illustrious Grand PooPaa Marcos and fully take advantage of all things that swim in POC!

Sorry I had the work thing staring me in the face today.


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