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Tip leader for Trout,Redsand Flounder.


Don Hanselman:
New at this salt water fly fishing...for reds, trout and flounder...What is a good leader to use on a 8wt...??  I'm tring half mono and half bread.. I color the bread line to match the water.. it seems to cast fine, any help would be appreciated.

Some people, no names here, suggest using straight 20 lb hard Mason mono.

I use a tapered mono down to 12 lb, and sometimes add an 8 lb tippet to it.

Don't use furled leaders in the salt.  They act like a rubber band, making a hook set almost impossible.  My 2 cents.


I just buy tapered leaders and call it good. I think that's what most of us, and most guides, use. Fewer knots to hang up on turtle grass, and a whoooole lot easier. I use 12# with a fluoro tippet in the bays, and in the surf or jetties might go to 16#.

Pricier, but easier.

I use tapered mono leaders and add a couple feet of 12# to 16# fluorocarbon tippet. Tie it together with a blood knot and I'm ready to fish (or break my rod.....  :-[  )

Don Hanselman:
Thanks for info... Will try all of them and see which one I like..


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