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What you really need to know is we have another recent graduate from the Colorado School of Mines in our club. Yeah and he was eat'n up with goldens and cuts and all that up there (who wouldn't) but he has felt the salt air breeze in his face while standing on the front of a poling skiff with a school of ten reds tailing in range. Dude that is LIFE CHANGING STUFF! His name is Adam and I will have him send you a PM to introduce himself.  He can hold his liquor fairly well...well he does seem spew a little every now and then!

WELCOME AND GO GET AN 8 WT.! Also a poling skiff would be good to have too!

Don Hanselman:
Welcome... I just finish working a job in Denver over a two years of learning how to fly fish the streams and rivers around Denver area. Really got a workout.. Decker, Blue River, South Platte in Littleton.  I have a 22.5 Shallow Sport with a casting deck in front for both fly fishing and bait casting .  I'm learning to improve my fly casting and catch more... I have been a bass pro for fisherman for fourteen years and grew up on the Texas coast know alot of saltwater fishing places... I call anything over 5 feet of water is deep..My favorit bait casting lures is the She Dog (top water) and Mirrow Lure( jerk bait) and some plastics.  Be happy to show you some bait casting too.  good to know all types of fishing.

John Purcell, VP of Club. Welcome. If you are still looking for a kayak or SUP Fishing Tackle Unlimited 713-827.7762 will be having an on the water demo soon. Call for dates.


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