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East Matty Trip


Took a solo kayak trip to East Matagorda this morning. First time I've been down to the west end since they took out the draw bridge. Also had to find a new launch. Got a work out on the paddle to the south shoreline. Lots of bait moving but the water was muddy.

Manged a dink red on a nice shrimp fly that I got from Frank B at the expo. Caught on street legal trout on a Borski craft fur shrimp that I tied.

Figured out that I need a GPS. Tried to leave through the wrong cove. Luckily I saved a few point along the way as contacts in my phone.

Off the water before the rain started. Good day but I need to find  better entry/exit to east Matty.

Ending the day listening to Steely Dan play at the woodlands.


Dave Kelly:
Chinquapin Rd out of Matagorda, TX might be a good place to look. My aunt and I use to fish this area back in the seventies when the wind was too high.

If you have 4 wheel beach running, goto Matagorda, TX, out to the jetties and up the barrier island toward Sargent. Check the coves and inlet just over the dunes. Or goto Sargent and up the beach toward Cow Trap and the  Cedar Lakes marshes on the barrier island.

R U saying that there is no way to the state ramp crossing the draw bridge! They better get that fixed soon. I've got some monster trout to catch.  Should have called...but I don't know about that paddling thing.  When are you going to get a boat. Better do it while your kids are little 'cause before long the college fund will be in effect and you will be an old geezer like me still without a boat.

They replaced the drawbridge and ratty baitshop with an overpass over the ICW and some fancy homes. It is a great view of the bay from the top of the bridge.

I'm kind of confused about the comment "while my kids are little". I assume you mean the 13 yr old and not the ones that are 23, 19 and 17. I am hoping to get them out of school so a boat becomes a possibility.


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