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September 14th - Firefighter's Fundraiser Tournament

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As many of your know, on May 31st, four HFD firefighter died in a fire on the Southwest Freeway, not too far from where we have our meetings.  In addition, several firemen were injured and have incurred major medical bills, not to mention other family hardships. Prior to this,  the HFD Softball team had scheduled a fishing tournament to raise money for their team. After the tragedy, they decided that ALL funds raised would go towards helping these brave souls and their families.

Golden & I are trying to get at least a couple of teams, if not a whole division of fly fishers to participate in this event. The cost is $200/team of 4. We would also like to propose that the club consider helping to defray the costs of the teams.  I have attached the original flyer with the details (pre-May31). Remember, the money is going to help the firemen and their families, not the softball team.

Please post your thoughts/interest here. We will need to get the teams together rather quickly, so we need to get an idea of the interest ASAP!

I'm in!

Joe French:
I'll go also.

Joe French

Joe French:
If this makes Purcell and I will be in the Mitzi.


What is the latest? Do we have a team of 4?


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