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No they didn't but the guys placing bets on the dock did!

I will tell you this if your out at the jetties fishing the One fly GOOD LUCK you'll get broke off in no time out there! HAHAHAHA!

We both will be fishing out there but on Friday or Sunday  Also ten weight is undermanned out there.  Bring 12 wt.s

You mean I can't fish one fly for the jacks and one fly for the reds?? Honestly this saltwater one fly seems much more serious than the freshwater one!:)

We did have a 12wt but we wanted to keep it rigged and ready should the tarpon show up. Last thing we wanted was a tarpon showing up when we were fighting a jack and have nothing to throw at it. The 10wt did fine on the jacks as they headed away from the rocks and into the deep water when hooked. I got busted off twice by something else though - it knew just where to go and how to take my fly through all the rocks. I am guessing a bull red maybe?


Who is fishing this Friday?


Matt you will see that this is nothing like the Guadalupe One Fly. First off the fish out in the salt want to EAT YOU! REALLY... Second the Saltwater One Fly trophy has the names of some of the best saltwater flyfishers in the State of Texas. Third WE DON'T NEED NO STINK'EN 4X TIPPET HERE! LOL

See you there and don't be late!  By the way why don't you call the palace and offer the Royals the name "Jack Crevalle" ...just a thought. Cheerie-O.  Cant wait to see you and Alex get together on Nick's boat. HAHAHAHAHA

Mike, I challenge you show me the legendary Port O'Connor man eating redfish! :)

And for that comment about my fishing partners..well we will just have to catch the most fish then wont we!  Croaker's count right?



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