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Brett Walker and I went out with Brent Hodges in Port O'Connor this past Saturday to do a little pre-fishing for the One Fly :) The reds were fairly uncooperative due to a combination of dirty water, clouds and the biggest fishing/party tournament I have ever seen with Poco Bueno in full swing.
However the jetties were fairly empty and the seas were calm enough that we made it out there in the beavertail with no issues. We saw one big school of tarpon busting on the top but they disappeared before we could get to them. However blind casting giant mullet patterns at the jetties produced several nice jacks and on two separate occasions something that pulled an entire fly line and a serious chunk of backing through the rocks before busting through 40lb fluoro and leaving deep score marks in my fly line. Wish I had seen what it was. Jack pictures below:


Good looking fish!

Looks like a great time - congrats on a few nice jacks. I've caught a few small jacks, but I'm still waiting for the big one. Maybe this next weekend...


Nice Matt!  This next week is going to be a good one as far as the calendar goes.  That is all I'm going to say until next week.  Seeing is believing.  Bring your cameras.  Cant believe you were able to find a place to stay.  POCO BUENO is outrageous.  the town swells to almost 6000-8000 people!

George - bring your 10wt, and intermediate or sink tip line and the biggest flies you have. If the weather cooperates Nick, Alex and I will be at the jetties early in the morning. The pain in my right bicep has gone now and I am ready to taco another fly rod :)

Mike - no places to stay in PO - we had to stay in Port Lavaca and make the last drive early in the morning. You were right about it being crazy - there were boats everywhere and the channel in front of clarks was packed with so many party people it looked like spring break. I wonder if all those women in bikinis swiming knew how many sharks there are there :)

Looking forward to the weekend!


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