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Anahuac, 2013-07-13


Mike Q and I left Katy at about 0615 and drove straight to the water just pas the boat launch in Anahuac, Tx.

It was a quick one mile paddle to get to the first set of flats.  The water was fairly clear, but not much salt.  Bait was all over the place in the channels going towards the boat launch, so we though we would have good day.  On the water by 0800.

It was spooky, no wind.  Easy paddling, easy casting.  Temp in the 90s.

Mike hooked and landed a nice flounder.  (Picture later)

I caught a mullet, hardhead catfish, and a ladyfish, (Pictures later) all on a redfish crack that Mike loaned me.  Another nice fish was hooked up, but I was cut off by oyster, or something else sharp.

We saw redfish, and plenty of mullet.  The largest, and most exciting, sighting we had was the enormous alligator gar rolling and feeding sometimes just feet away from our kayaks.

Off the water trying to beat the incoming rain by 1400.  We were loading the kayaks on the trailer and it started coming down.

More later.




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