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Fly boxes?

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My wife has declared that I need to standardize on my fly boxes.

We've been looking at Cliff's (R) and Bug Luggage  (R).

Most of my flies fall between size 12 and 4/0.

I am open to suggestions.


Cliff's - the slotted foam is great.  The Beast and Beast Jr are do a good job holding your "beach sized" flies and not squishing them flat. Cliff's also has a large waterproof box (the Justin Case).

I have never seen "Bug Luggage" before. They look great for small stuff.  BugLug website makes it sound like their larger boxes are not that tall.  I suspect they would cause problems with your PINS flies.

I would buy a box of each brand and figure out what works for you.  You can give me whichever one you don't want.


OK, leaning toward Cliff's.




--- Quote from: Puck on July 14, 2013, 06:45:08 PM ---OK, leaning toward Cliff's.



--- End quote ---

Ordered a couple of Cliff's.

What local shop carries these? 
The next ones I buy, I'd like to support local buisness.


Dave Kelly:
Their website store locater says you should go ask Marcos


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