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Working the local Brownlines

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Wormdrowner took me up on my offer to fish the local "Brownlines".   I told him we'd be fishing at around 67' ASL and flows have slowed considerably since last weeks soaker. Wind was omindirectional at 15 to 20 mph so be ready.  We weren't going to need any protective gear as the superfund boys have recently cleaned up the site. He brought this really sexy 7'-6" 3wt sage rod and some wacked out flies, I was using my BPS Loomis blank 5 wt armed with a super hot cortland reel and superfine Orvis line.  We entered the first lease and immediately found lots of streamside activity.

Pool just below the first riffle.

I stood over Quigs left shoulder and had him work his fly slowly along a rock laden shoreline telling him to drop it right off that grass mat.  Well he did and boom the first of many to come.

Next, he moved a few feet to the left making sure not to disturb the beautiful flora and he worked the inside corner of this small shopping cart reef where an eddy formed and boom!

A little further up stream I decided to take the lead and I found myself hooked up to this stud.

So after we each scored several more each we hopped in our vehicles and hit a local waterhole to quinch our thirst...remember I said we were 67' above sea level.  Anyways I told Quigs that I had another hotspot I had taken one of our Clubs more illustrious local anglers to last week and wanted him to have the same thrill that Marcos had on the hard to access brownline.

A view of the local.

Here's Quigs moving in looking for signs of movement.

Quigs made a perfect presentation to one of our most rare of species.  NOTE: Use your Zoom to view this beauty!

As you can imagine this action went on for quite awhile.  Quigs got a little winded and decided to sit back and watch the Master as I worked this other deep brownhole to perfection. five casts - five fish!  What a day!  We were hoping Slammin Adam would join us but his libido got the best of him and he stayed at home to comfort his lady friend.  One day boy you will reach a higher Consciousness.


Which "brownline" is this?

White Oak Bayou above West Little York west of Houston North Rosslyn ...CPR only unless you have a great radiologist and internist as you buds!

Thanks for letting me tag along, Mike! Nice to fish with the "Lee Wulff of the White Oak". Had a blast. Look forward to next time!

Dave Kelly:
Mike, I'm curious, your images show to be 1024x768 in size....
I like....
Are you resizing them or is this done by PhotoBucket?


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