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Bayou carp

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Dave Kelly:
Wonder if this is a case where you should sample what they are feeding on?

Well I went back again last night to catch a carp, I like to torture myself.  I stopped by Ifly before to pick up a couple of flies and some advise.  I hit the same spot and there were tons of carp there again.  This time I wore my flats boots instead of my Keens that I wore the night before.  I was thinking I could stand in about an inch of the water in these boots.  This way I wouldn't have to stand at an angle and it would be easier to cast.  This would come to haunt me.  The flats boots do not have the grip the Keens do.  So after about 10 mins of working a couple of pods of fish I decide to move down and walk on the angled concrete instead of in the water.  Well lets just say I slipped and my lower half went into the toxic water of Braes Bayou.  Good thing my wife is out of town because my legs glowed bright green all night long.  Well, after the slipping incident I went back to begging a fish to take my fly.  The begging continued for another 45 minutes or so.  I needed to do something different.  So I carefully climbed up the concrete mountain to the bike path, there was a lot of praying and swearing during this trek.  Once atop with my dignity hanging by a thread I wanted to watch the carp and really observe their actions.  I found a group of 3 large carp and sat there watching them for a few minutes.  Then a large light bulb went on over my head.  But instead of brightening my mood it cast a dark shadow of stupidity all over me.  I realize that I have been making a mistake that I have made hundreds of times earlier in my fishing    career.  Instead of casting to tons of carp I was casting to tons of f**king mullet.  Feeling pretty dumb I packed it up and headed home.  I should have gone bass fishing. 


Frigg'n great report.  All we need is some pictures too.  But you aren't the first to fish these mullet. The carp will have a dark trimmed tail and x pattern scales. I wish I knew you were fishing or I'd joined ya.  I have caught a few carp in my day but they definitely are not easy to catch. One day some guy tossed into the bayou across from me a box of stale donuts that started a huge feeding frenzy. I tossed in a floating popper about the same color as the donuts and let it drift with the donuts and low and behold a big carp came up to sample.  Caught two of them this way.  Go by dunk'n donuts and get your chum first! Ask for old donuts and they will probably give them to you!  It WORKS


I have fished for those grass carp several times in Brays. The ones that are not mullet are 95% grass carp - which means they are primarily vegetarian and they can be extremely wary. They dont spook and disappear as they are very used to people there, but if you approach too closely, or you catch one then they just seem to slink off and sit in the deep channel in the middle. They only thing I have got them to eat are surface flies that consist of spun brown deer hair, trimmed underneath to look like a general brown seed, beetle immitation (or something worse..this is the bayou afterall) - and the trick seems to be to either present it upstream and cast a couple of feet in front of their mouth and let it drift back, or a downstream presentation far enough ahead of the fish that they dont see you. I have given up on nymphs or streamers as you just end up in the algae and being grass carp they are highly unlikely to chase a streamer. iFly sells the fly, but sometimes they hide it in the draw. Hammer makes a good one too.

Yeah you are right about the banks being uncomfortable - but its probably better than wading all day in that water. Interestingly I took a trout fishing friend there a year or two back and he just waded right out into it in shorts and came back with all the flesh still on his legs..I was shocked as I thought it would just be bones left.

I have found that the section along Braeswood and particularly around the intersection of Stella Link and Braeswood is a good place to start.

You need good light to help spot the carp - the gold is a giveaway. And there are a lot of big fish in there. Some of them fight really hard, others just seem to roll over and flop around a bit.

Give me a shout on 832 444 4206 if you want to go another time


You might stop by Orvis & talk to Adam. He has been chasing carp in lower White Oak and might have some ideas that are useful.


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