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Bayou carp

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Anyone ever go after carp in the Bayous?  I have some time this weekend and want to try this.  Location? flies?  strategies? 

I think Matt Blythe is the carp guru.

Dave Kelly:
Hammer and Mike S went some years back to Braes Bayou. See pictures in the early years of the 'Picture Gallery'.

Harry C has made some trips there.

This is in the concrete lined part along  the Brayswood subdivision.

Mark Marmon was guiding the local bayous in search of braes bonefish (carp).  He has also talked to the club a couple of times about it and other urban angling adventures.  One of the flies he had was a coffee bean glued to a small hook.  Looked like an overgrown lady bug.  Always thought that would be fun to do and have not gotten around to it.

Call Mark up and talk to him about it.  Here is his website:


Well I went to Braes bayou lastnight (Stella Link and S. Braeswood)and I saw a ton a carp.  In pods and loaners, just tons.  Well they didnt like one fly I tossed their way.  I had to have gone through 15 flies.  Streamers, nymphs, poppers, dries.....  nada.  And you have to stand in an awkward position because the concrete is at an angle, so my back is killing me after about 2 hours.  I wonder if these were grass carp and I should have stuck a blade of grass on a bare hook. 

(Scott, I wasnt going to let you kill this thread  ;))



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