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Katy fishing this morning

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Meeting up with Puck & Alex to hit some ponds around Puck's house this morning.  Hope to be back home before the temp hits triple digits!

Fishing was a little slow. We all caught a few good sized bream. Alex caught a bass and I got a rather ambitious catfish on a black woolly bugger. Nice, fun morning to get out.


Before the temperature was unbearable.


Did my phone ring???? Nah! Although I was working my arse off. I sure would have rather been fishing! Looks like there was plenty of shade around. Bass would have been tight to the edge wall on the shade side of the lake.  Looks like a great place to dump next years Christmas trees! Will the HOA allow kayaks, canoes or beavertail flats skiffs in the lakes?

I called you Friday and left a message to see if you were interested in getting together to fish. You never called me back! I figured you were busy with work.


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