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Fishing lodge in Punta Gorda, Belize


Anyone interested in fishing in Punta Gorda may want to check out Garbutt's Marina. Here is the Yellow dog Fly fishing description of it:

 I met three of the brothers on my trip there, and they are solid individuals. Three of the brothers are very knowledgeable fishing guides. The oldest, Dennis, is a dive master and scuba diving instructor. The Lodge's location can't be beat.

I have fished Scully and his younger brother Elert when they were here last year filming an adventure of KT Diaries.  They can cast wind or not with ease at eighty feet.  They are very good people.  It was funny how much they loved my scooter and they thought POC was absolutely their greatest thrill to fish.  Go figure... I cant wait to go there. 

Oliver guided me in PG for 3 days, and knows those waters like the back of his hand.



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