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Invitation to Speak - Cub Scout Day Camp (Cypress, TX)


I plan to support this one.  I plan to make it on the Tuesday lunch and dinner.  We can put in a video, or we can talk.  Who else can we get to come out?


"We are planning our annual Cub Scout Day Camp for the Big Cypress District in Cypress/Northwest Houston and wanted to see if your group would be interested in talking to around 400 Scouts about Fly Fishing!

Our Big Cypress District Day Camp is scheduled for June 10th-13th.  We have two sessions scheduled each day (Morning and Evening) with a lunch/dinner break at 12pm and 6pm.  We generally have about 200-250 Scouts attend the Morning Session and the rest during the Evening Session.

During their lunch/dinner we invite guest speakers and entertainers to meet with the Scouts and provide education or entertainment (or both!) about a variety of subjects.  We've had guest speakers talk about mountain biking, animal conservation and even frisbee dogs.  Our "theme" for this year's camp is "Surf's Up at Cub Bay" and I thought this would be a great opportunity to talk about fishing."

250+ cub scouts.  I got to do one of my favorite things, talk about fishing!  (loudly)

This was a great event, and I saw some pictures taken.  I'll see if I can get some from the photographers

The first session was at noon, and the second was at 1800.  I got home after 2000.

More later.


Dave Kelly:
Thanks for the report.
And thank you for representing the Texas FlyFishers.


--- Quote from: Dave Kelly on June 12, 2013, 12:52:54 PM ---Thanks for the report.
And thank you for representing the Texas FlyFishers.

--- End quote ---

Amen to that! Thanks, Puck!

Lunch session

Supper session


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