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July Outing - Port O'Connor "One Fly"

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I should be in - room and boat please.

The following information has been posted for over three weeks
IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE: if you need to cancel your lodging arrangements you must do so by the 5th of July or you will be responsible to find a replacement or pay the amount due.  I will want everybody who is going to stay in the Lodge to confirm by that same date. No Exceptions!

So far we have in the order they signed up. 
5/15    Mike Q.     Lodging             rider w/ Martin W.            CONFIRMED
5/28    Scott B.     Lodging             rider w/ John P.               CONFIRMED
5/28    Denis A.    Lodging             rider w/ Jack K.                CONFIRMED
5/29    Matt B.      Lodging             rider w/ Nick S.                CONFIRMED
5/30    Alex B.      Lodging            rider w/ Nick S.                 CONFIRMED
5/30    Greg C.     Lodging        rider w/ Don H.
5/30    Mike G.     RV                    rider w/ George                CONFIRMED
5/30    George S. RV                     boat w/Mike G.                 CONFIRMED
5/31    Travis R.   Lodging             rider with Gary E.              CONFIRMED
6/01    Nick S.      Lodging             boat w/ Alex B. and Matt B.CONFIRMED
6/02    John P.     RV                     boat w/ Scott B.                CONFIRMED
6/03    Jack K.     Lodging             boat w/ Denis A.                 CONFIRMED
6/04    Don H.      Lodging            boat w/ Ray R and Greg C. Barry S.
6/05    Gary E.     Lodging             boat w/ Travis R.               CONFIRMED
6/05    Barry S.    Lodging             boat w/ Don H.
6/10    Ray R.      Lodging              boat w/ Don H. w/ Jack K.CONFIRMED
6/17    Adam M.   Lodging              rider with Martin W.             CONFIRMED
6/17    Martin W. Has Lodging       boat w/ Mike Q., Adam M.    CONFIRMED         
7/18   Skip D.     Lodging             boat w/ MayKay                   CONFIRMED

5/31 I put out the word last night via email so let's see what happens with our boaters.

6/02  Spoke with Alex we have decided to go for the Condos.  Meaning less cost per man, gain of two boat slips, and much closer to boat ramps - Speedy Stop - at less cost.  We are checking on if there is a minimum stay period.

6/03 Klinger is in! Denis Auger will ride with Jack!

6/04 Just spoke to Marcos and he is going to see how his 'lil "cooter" is running and says he will be attending the One Fly. If his boat is healthy then he will need a fishing companion.  One who is of the adventurist type and who doesn't mind being on a 12' scooter sliding through the marshes at blinding speeds! Moooowhoooooohahahaha

Mike Q. is calling some of the boaters tonight and found out that Don H. is fishing with us and will be bringing his bay boat.  Mike will be riding with him and Don has room for one more so I'm thinking Greg C.  Don, Greg is a terrific fly tier and knows my secret fly...that he has sworn not to re-tie for anybody...ever again...never ...but just maybe he'll tie you one up for a ride!

6/05Gentleman we now have another attendee...Gary E. will be joining us and will bring his skiff too.  Gary's claim to fame is that he likes BIG FISH and is not scared to chase them either. He has room for one rider and is willing to share his boat and years of experience.

Alex has organized the Rabe House as our lodge for this outing.  It is located near the Fishing Center. Does not have boat slips available but we have plenty of parking.  It is very reasonably priced and that is what we need.  The place has a BBQ pit and outdoor deck and patio and is quite nice.  If you are supplying a boat for this outing you will get priority on a bed if you need one.  Also I would ask if you have a inflatable bed bring it just in case it is needed.  If any beds are left, we'll have a casting contest for the remainder. HAHAHAHA!

So at this early date we have enough boats for our riders.  If you want to attend and have not signed in - contact us (Mike G. or Mike Q {713-213-81 five zero}) and tell us your plans.  We will see if we can get you on a boat and if needed into a bed. This is fantastic.  We have a few other places nearby we can put people up but you better check in with Alex B. soon.  There are all kinds of rentals available.  I will expect some plans will change between now and then but for now this looks like one of the best outings in years.  John P. you might want to put together your cooking team for the dinner for Saturday night.  Also a recent receipt from Spec's Liquors will be required for admittance (you catch my drift?).  Friday night we'll all go over to Cathy's and drown in her all-you-can-eat shrimp too! WHAT??????????????

6/06Barry S. signed up last night and will need a place to stay and ride on a boat.  We'll see what we can do.  I'm quite positive that other boaters will join us soon as they have been contacted. We also can double up on some of the larger craft.  If you know somebody on the fence about coming, especially if they have a boat, well then let's see if we can get them signed up. That is the key if you do not sign up you will not get in Remember I have asked that once you sign up that you contact one of us so that we may help keep this outing organized.  Also keep checking back here for up dated status reports so you are in the KNOW!

6/10 Ray Russ signed up today. We now have expanded into a 3rd condo & have space for 3 more fishers.  Found out this evening that Greg C. has previously scheduled outing with Wounded Warriors which he committed to some time ago.  Greg we fully support anything that helps our great defenders of American Democracy.  Thanks for the heads up have a super time.  This now opens a spot in the lodge and on Don's boat. Right now that will Barry S.

6/18I have just heard from Martin W. who says he is going to fish with us and bring his big boat. Also heard from Adam M. who can now make it so I will team Mike Q. and Adam on Martin's boat.  I am not sure how long Martin is going to stay in POC so you riders need to contact him and find out if you plan on fishing on Sunday.

6/30Well here we go to the countdown. Remember by 5th of July If you do not contact me about a cancellation you will be confirmed as attending.  All meaning you will be responsible for your $hare of the outing.  PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO ATTEND. I am getting jazzed up for this one.  I have several prototypes to test out before the outing from my fly tying friends.  Thinking George and I will hit the SABINE next week to try out these flies.  CANT WAIT!

7/07 Just heard from Barry S. who will not be able to make it for the outing. If you know of others who want to attend you might want to let them know to jump on this opening.

7/08Just got word from Don H. who unfortunately is not going to make it due to work.  So that boat is now eliminated from our fleet. Ray R. you were on that we are sliding you over to the first boat available list.  Which there is another boat available I just don't know who the Captain will be. You might be in for an adventure! ::)  Alex is working hard on coordinating the accommodations. I hope John P. has been putting is food list together and who besides George is helping prepare dinner with John?  Adam M your young and dumb and full of energy, you're in lil brother!

07/19  Skip and MaryKay D. are going to join us for this outing and they will have room for one additional fisher.  I'd like that person who ever it is to have good knowledge of POC area to help them out.  Skip has an 18' center console with plenty of power. They will be lodging with us.

07/23 All lodging and boats are full at this time!  If you want to go better make your own arrangements and we'll see you there!


Thanks to guys that have helped so far put this outing together!  Mike Q. & Alex B.

Sign me up for a bunk and a place to park my boat trailer...


Ill take a bed and like everyone else I need a seat in a boat. 

Sign me up for a bunk and slip (or trailer parking). It appears "The Beavertail Navy" is representing.


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