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July Outing - Port O'Connor "One Fly"

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I'm there!
Scott B

I will be there

Travis Rock

Confirmed! Will be a great event, and one to remember. Looking forward to light winds, favorable tides, and hungry redfish cruising well lit flats just looking for the right fly... i.e. mine. I'd tell you what fly that will be, but, well, you know...
Make sure you are all ready to:
•   Fish - yeah that should not be a problem!
•   Eat - Counting on John's famous paella... we still on Fluidos? I'm signing up to be on your cooking team!
•   Drink - There may be a few coolers and brown bottles around. You can nurse your hangover at Speedy Stop - like always, right?
•   Laugh - Bound to be some great stories to tell, about broken tips, running a skiff into the weeds, fish that got away, etc...
Can’t wait – let’s go fishing!

See you all there,

Just verifying that I have lodging and boat with Mike Q confirmed and Adam M not yet confirmed.  Dick P will let me know about his participation.  MartinW

Seems like I went through confirmation many, many years ago at St Michael's...... :o Anyways, I'm in!


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