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20th Annual Dr. Ed Rizzolo Fly Tying Festival

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You are right Puck there were a lot of smiling faces here today we don't get to see that often round these parts.  The overwhelmiing theme I got from this years festival was the number of youngsters in house and tying flys.  A new generation of tyers and fishers is developing in this sport and it shows from the rods and gear the equipment manufacturers are promoting to the number of new youthfull fly fishing sites you find on the internet.  The equipment is now becoming more affordable for the younger generation and allows them to experment without going broke!  You could see the excitment in their eyes that others really were interested in seeing what they (the kids) were doing and how they went about tying their favorite flys.  I was really impressed with Joel's kids.  I wish I wrote down all of their names but just sitting there and watching each of them told me they have received some first class instruction and motivation from Joel. Their level of concentration while at task was incredible and will only help them in their endeavors later in life.  Congratulations Joel you are the MAN! Seeing how Shelby Carpenter has grown and the respect she commands while at the vice is joy to watch. Her ability to communicate what she is doing to others shows her maturity well beyond her years.  John...You did good BROTHER! Casey Smarts son looked like a chip off the 'ole shoulder.  Casey showed how proud he was of Rhodes all day long.  Rhodes showed leadership qualities and personality traits that should make his parents extremely proud.  Then there was little Brandon he was like "STOKED" all day going from one tying station to the next introducing himself, shaking hands and striking up a conversation like he's been your friend for years.  What a Kid. I expect his dad has his hand full with him from time to time but I think we have found a winner here.  I'll be watching for him to do big things in this sport!

Then of course there were the Master Tyers.  WOW, some of these people can really tie. The lady (missing name) who was tying up the butterflys and jewelry accents, man she was impressive. Diane Blair had a group in front of her all day long.  She is highly accomplished for sure. Then it became apparent to me that many women are now slowly sneeking in the back door of the fly shops and becoming leaders in our chosen sport. Having Tim Borski as our "Guest Tyer" was truley a wind fall for our festival. When he was tying one of his famous patterns not a move was missed by the onlookers.  It was intense! See spome of Ron Mayfield's work was cool.  This guy has the goods and a real gift for teaching his patterns.

I got a huge kick out of watching George Sutherland tie up his first clouser fly.  Hands shaking, wetting his lips, concentrating not to make a mistake, learning his wrapping skills, and finnaly coming up with a very good looking and hopefully productive fly.  George bring that one with you to the Brownline next time we get a chance to go and I'll make sure you get a big girl on it and then you can retire your first to a picture shadowbox for your livingroom's mantle.  Success will be your's brother.  Anyways to much talk and not enough photos huh! Enjoy.

Good croud and folks moving around everywhere.

Dinner was delicious too.

Here is Rhodes Smartt tying a salty pattern.

Shelby Carpenter and her Deerhair flys.

I didn't get this young mans name but he was steady tying all day long.

One of Joel's students intensley tying to perfection.

Can't leave 'lil Brandon out. He's all about big bold colors.

Here Mike Drone is exposing lil Conner to his sport. Marcos was there too.
Diane Blair had everybody's attention when she tied. Thanks for coming Diane.

These are some of Ron Mayfield's Saltwater collection.

We can always count on Bob Logan to do a great job. He has a real ability to communicate his patterns.

Bill Sargent's flys were incredible.

Here is a close look at some of his Deerhair patterns.

Side angle.

Ladies and Gentlemen, here is George's first ever tied fly.  What a grin... bet he can't wait to get that baby in the water! Wait where's the hook?

These guys  (Scott, Jim, Joe and Harry) are full of food and conversation and are just taking in the festival. Thanks for your help too guys!

That's John Carpenter hiding behind his magnifier tying up one of his shrimp patterns...don't forget to bring them to our Sheepshead Outing John!

Now this guy traveled a long way to be here and said he was impressed with our festival.  Thanks for being our Key Tyer Tim and you are welcomed back anytime.  Just leave your snakes at home... Tim Borski!

Jerry Loring tied up these Salty Beauties.

Folks, I cant lie... this little shrimp Jerry tied up is deadly on the flats!

The olive shrimp pattern is going on my rod very soon.  Look out Sheepshead your mine.....

So here is a group of our guys all lined up outdoors for a chance to cast the big two handed rod that the fine folks from TFO brought out.  Thanks to TFO for being so supportive of all of our events. They seem not to be thirsty as well.

Big Jim trying his two hands with Banning. SWOOOSSSSSSHHHH....!

I want to say thankyou to all the tyers who offered me a chance to use one or more of their flys. I will report back to you of my successes and ...well there won't be any failures! Like I said before...what a great time was had by all. Special big thanks goes to Chris Sumers organizing what has to be one of the top fly tying festivals in the country today. We are all very proud of what was accomplished here today and plans are already being formulated for next years PARTY! If you came, thanks for your attendance, if you didn't I hope to see you here next year. ...and as always thanks to Mr. Ed Rizzolo for providing the inspiration for this festival.

This was one of the best ones yet, Tim Bosrski is a super nice gentlemen. Nice to visit and see everyone there. Chris hats of to you for pulling this off buddy great job.

Yep... that event was truly impressive. That was my first real exposure to fly tying, and so much talent packed into one spot was really something to see. Quite a lot of artistry in motion.

Thanks Puck for coaching me through a first attempt! May be the start of another new adiction.

Good stuff...


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