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Saturday get together - San Luis Pass

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Paddle, pedals, and even a seat!

Joe French:
Hey, did you guys get blown to the West end? Kelly Hazen and I went out it was not 5 to 10 MPH after about 10:00 AM.


We were completely blown off the water.  Bear didn't even launch.

There was no way we could get out of the mouth of the boat launch safely.  Mike Q, Bob s. and I all waited at the mouth in the hopes that the wind would die down.

20+ mph winds, and off-color water.   These conditions never changed.

The day was cut at about 1600.  All the hopes of the wind dying down were in vain.

And for some reason the tide didn't turn until 1500.


After getting blown of the water yesterday, Mike Q. and I fished the local pond today just to feel a fish on a fly rod.

The wind had still not laid down.  The small bass and lager bluegill were game for a small fly, so the skunk was off.



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