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Bridgeland Nature Fest, Bridgeland's Oak Meadow Park, 2013-04-27


We will have a booth to be set up by 0930, and our casting demonstration is early in the afternoon.  I'll put the time here when I get to my home PC.

If we could have a better caster do the demonstration, I will man the booth, and let somebody else talk for a change.

Or if you'd like to demostrate your fly tying, I can sling a line, and talk.

Currently there is only me scheduled/coluntold, for this event.

I'd appreciate soem help.


I'm nobody's Lefty when it comes to casting & Lee Wulff would never fear my tying, but I can be there to help out Saturday. Shoot me an email with the details.

Dave Kelly:
I'll be there to help in the booth.

We were rained out a little after 1400.  Tied some flies with Quiggley and swapped stories with Jessie.  Talked to a few people and passed the website on to anybody interested.  More later.


Dave Kelly:
I was headed over  to 8th Dimention Comic Books on 6 then to Bridgeland, got to   249 and 6, turned around and fought my way back home.  Hasn't rained at my house.


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