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Micheal J. Arnold and company will have these on hand for the JSSFS


Mike sent me the photos.  I'll update with more information later.

I have this collection of flies.  And yes, they work.

From Mike    "One has the picture of the six flies and case that I will give to the 20 people who called or signed up before the deadline.When they show up and register they will receive this in addition to the other gifts given out. I wish to thank them for helping me decide how much brisket to prepare. The other fly box will be given to the person drawn from the catch reports that are turned in before 18:30 hrs. There will be a good number of flies put into this box. At lunch there will be a drawing for a Stripping Basket."

I own the stripping basket, cutters, and the neoprene covers.  Ask me and I'll tell you how they work.

From Mike "This picture has a number of tools for sale at D7Ls and there will be a number of fly rods and reels to be sold at discount prices. All prices include freight and tax. Only cash and checks made out to 'Michael J.Arnold & Company'."


Modified to explain the pictures.



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