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Don Hanselman:
 :(  Some how my paid up member got canceled from club,, Just to let you know, I'm a working member and have been in the club over two years,  it's O.K. to be called new bee need all the help on my age.  Great club and like all the members and  activities the club has to offer, I want to get more casting lessons.    I planning retiring this time next year from NASA JCS,, and I will get my fly kit out an start tying again.  Always like tieing and enjoyed the fly fishing part too. espicailly in Denver, New Mexico.. I will try to post more on fly fishing  in Denver.  Hopefully, I will be working off and on in Denver   until Aug... I will do some fishing with Landon and the guide on the Frying Pan... before I leave...
My own logo is "Get The Net!!" also the name of my boat...21.5 ' Shallow Sport,,Always looking for a fishing buddy to go with me,,,my wife will not let me go alone..anymore,after what happened to my fishing buddy who did.  :D

I'm game.  Let me know when you'd like to go.

jerry brown
713 664-5206

Don Hanselman:
I will be in Denver thru the 26th Apr.. Will be home for a week and back again in May.. I will be doing a lot of fly fishing up here for sure. Here is photo of my boat... We hook up and go when I get back from Denver...


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