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Guide for Venice flyfishing?

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Joe French:
Has anyone used a guide and had good sucess in fall (Oct or Nov) in Venice, La.  Need recommendation. Guide we used in march is booked up for the dates we want.


Finn Maccumhail:
Not quite Venice but this guy is good:

Don Hanselman:
When we went down fishing, We just fished blind and caught a 120 trout all on top water lures--She Dog Silver/char sides....nothing else would work... I think marina we launched the boat from was called Yellow Jacket Marina... If you have room. I would like to tag alone...I'm retiring in Jun2014 and be available ... I owe you a fishing trip too. 

Don Hanselman:
Correction on the Marina...Called Yellow Cotton Bay Marina,  You really don't need a guide, just take me. The fishing  hole is about six miles from boat marina. Look on Google Earth call Yellow Cotton Bay a lot of grass and mud,,,not muck shell at all. Here is were all the trout and reds are caught on plastics and topwater.  I know a fly rod would work great in these waters.   averge depht out off channel is 3 to 4 feet.. great fishing.

Joe, George and I as well as some of the other TFF'ers are talking about taking our boats over and spending the better part of a week over there fishing. I spoke with Scott N. and said we would hire him for a couple of days to show us the area and then we would dyi after that. We found some on the water cabins that sleep 4 for around 175.00 per night.  Boat slip right under the cabin.  Empire area. You in! We have not set a date yet but we're thinking closer to early December. Anyways just a thought.


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