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Hopedale, LA

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Joe French:
Fished Friday and Saturday 3-15/16-2013. Guided both days. Caught these fish on Saturday. Beautiful weather low winds and blue skys. Launched at Bretton Sound Marina.


Dave Kelly:
Awesome catch, Joe. What did the big one weigh in at.  Without me going and looking, where is Hopedale?

Great looking fish, but with camo, I don't know if that is real you. What weight setup were you using?

Joe, I would like the name of the guide or guide service you used &
a contact phone #.

I plan on doing some guided Louisania red fishing this October, November.


Joe French:
The big red was 25 lbs and 38 inches. Caught on 8 wt (TFO prof series) using the guides reel and 9 wt line. I will post a pick of the fly later that was his and he gave it to me.

The guide service is through Greg Dini. We fished Friday with Lucas and I did not catch a fish with him. Fished Saturday with Miles LaRose and he put us on fish.


Joe French:
Hopedale is not on some maps. We stayed at Delacroix. The area is south of Lake Borgne which is southeast of New Orleans.



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