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White bass


I want to go fishing in the Houston area this Sunday.  My kayak is in Rockport so no floating.  Anyone seen any white bass?  I am thinking about Pundt Park or
Jesse H. Jones.  Anyone that wants to join me or point me in the right direction im all ears. 


Joe French:
I read on TexasKayayfisherman that someone had a good trip catching crappie and white bass on Cypress Creek.

Just a thought.


Dave Kelly:
What happened to the clubs annual trip to Nail Creek?


--- Quote from: Dave Kelly on March 07, 2013, 06:35:45 PM ---What happened to the clubs annual trip to Nail Creek?

--- End quote ---

Some criminals starting tageting anglers parked in the upper parking lot, smashing their windows out and grabibing whatever they could.  Sometimes there was nothing to steal, so they continued to smash more windows.

No arrests have been made, that I know of.


Dave Kelly:
Like the situation under the bridge where FM 2004 crosses over Chocolate Bayou  just above Chocolate Bay.


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