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TFF Guest Speakers at Cypress Springs High School

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TFF was a success at this because of our volunteers:
Tony L.
Jim H.
Marcos E.
John P.

More details to post later.

We've been invited back in 2 weeks for fly tying.


Day 3 is this Friday!

We have 8 tables available.

We will need 5 tyers total.  One to demo, and 4 to assist.

Tying the GAWB (Gawd Awful Wooly Bugger)

Contact me if you are interested.


We have 3 tyers, total.

With 8 tables to man, and 20+ students per class, this will be a true challange.

Anybody else willing to join us?

I'd appreciate the help.


Marcus and Jessie came to help out.  We met up at 0630 by the flagpole, and started setting up just before the students walking in the door.

8 tables set up and we had over 50 kids trying to tie the GAWB, with varying degrees of success.

It was fun, fast-paced, and challenging.

I am looking forward to doing this again.


Don Hanselman:
Excellent Work!  I want to buy a fly tying setup. Any suggestion, I tyed flies back in 80ties, for bass fishing and salt water sizes... and love doing it. I gave my stuff to son and want to get back into it again as I get closer to retirement an have more time to tye..  :)


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