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TFF Guest Speakers at Cypress Springs High School

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--- Quote from: Don Hanselman on April 29, 2013, 06:23:13 PM ---Excellent Work!  I want to buy a fly tying setup. Any suggestion, I tyed flies back in 80ties, for bass fishing and salt water sizes... and love doing it. I gave my stuff to son and want to get back into it again as I get closer to retirement an have more time to tye..  :)

--- End quote ---

1.  A good vise.  Rotary if you like that style.
2.  Two good pairs of scissors.  Large loops for big fingers.  One with serated blades for cutting hair.
3.  A ceramic, or ceramic lined bobbin.

Any other tools are personal preference.

Feel free to ask questions at the meetings, or contact one of us tyers.



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