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TFF Guest Speakers at Cypress Springs High School

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TFF has been invited to participate in the expanding of young minds at one of our local high schools.

Day 1 (2013-03-01)- Introduction to fly-fishing
Day 2 (2013-04-12)- Fly casting
Day 3 (2013-04-26)- Fly Tying
Day 1 sent well, with Puck talking to 2 seperate morning classes for a total of almost 50 students.

We will need som volunteers for days 2 and 3. 

Jim H. has volunteered to help with day 2 so far, but we'll need more.  A CCI would be appreciated.

Day 3 is wide open.

Updates are in the works.

Not Far From My House...I'm in for the Casting on 4/12 ...morning or afternoon? Do we get to go on enchilada lunch day? Do we bring our rods or are we using the TFF school rods? I think I want a new rod...I know I can instruct much better with a new Sage rod. My reel is OK but a new Able Tidewater would sure help them "lay it down"! With a new Sage rod and an Able reel I will have them casting more tight loops than a rug weaver! Jus Say'n....:)

Dave Kelly:
Go to the home page and follow the link to TFFs Face Book page. Dig around, Puck outlined and is heading  up this event. Check with him.

With you, Jim, and I, that will be 3. 

3 for a class of 20 will be stretching it. 

I think we need at least 2 more.

If we can't get 5 by Wednesday, I think we should pull out.


We now have 5, and possibly 6!

The classroom fly casting for this Friday is a GO !!



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