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I met a chap from Wales on Sunday, who comes to the United States every quarter for two weeks. He very much wants to get into fly fishing, and asked me to recommend a good introductory book to fly fishing generally. I know Dave Hughes has written a book on basic fly fishing (which I have not read), but I am looking for additional recommendations from members that I can pass on to him.

Over in the UK, he will probably be fishing for trout on rivers, using a one-handed rod (not a spey rod). But he is looking for a general introductory book, not one limited just to trout fishing.

Any suggestions would be welcome.


Dave Kelly:
While we could make recommendations,  that is a different world. Jerry Loring fished that area a few years back. You might contact Jerry.

If you have an email contact to this gentleman, perhaps you could get it to Alex Blaque whose father-in-law is Tony Plant, owner of The Stockport Fly Fishing Shop and Stockport Fly Fishing Supplies, located near Manchester, England who spoke at our September meeting. Who could contact your acquaintance.

Lefty Kreh's Ultimate Guide to Flyfishing is a pretty good start


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