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Guadalupe River In flow Stream Assessments
« on: January 29, 2013, 01:04:06 PM »
From GRTU - and of relevance to all those who fish the Guad

We need your help to attend and voice your opinion on this matter THIS WEEK at one of two public stakeholder meetings on the topic of instream flows on the Guadalupe River.

The state of Texas has recently initiated their instream flow process for establishing recommendations for minimum flows in the lower portion of the Guadalupe River. This section of the river includes the portion between Canyon Dam and New Braunfels, an area popular with trout fishers and tubers alike. The current instream flow study just getting underway does not appear to be considering flow needs for this stretch of the river, which includes the trout fishery.

There are two meetings coming up this next week that have important consequences to the Guadalupe River below Canyon Dam. The key points are:
• The Texas Instream Flow Program (TIFP) will be conducting studies of the Lower Guadalupe River section to develop recommendations for instream flow standards that will be protective of the river ecosystem.
• No studies are planned for the Guadalupe River between Canyon Dam and New Braunfels and no past studies have been conducted in this area.
• GRTU’s current flow agreement with GBRA expires in 2018. As demand for flow increases, pressure can be expected to further reduce flows from the dam so more water can be retained.
• With good stakeholder turnout we can convince the TIFP committee that scientific studies are needed in this section of the river to establish minimum flow recommendations that can be used for future flow negotiations and water availability planning.
• We are asking our membership to turn-out for the initial TIFP meeting to express your support that studies in the tailrace portion should be conducted.
• See What We Need To Do and Meeting Details below for information about these meetings and also look on the GRTU webpage for a longer version of this message providing more background details.

What We Need To Do

If at all possible do the following:
• Attend one or both of the upcoming stakeholder meetings (see locations below);
• Make your presence known by providing public comment at the meeting;
• Tell the committee members from TPWD, TCEQ and TPWD why we think these studies are crucial and be prepared for pushback by providing specific reasons for the needs.
• At a minimum, send an email to the TIFP (see email address below) stating that at least one SB2 study site should be located within the Canyon Dam tailrace; and
• After these meetings are over, please continue to stay involved. We must maintain pressure until the plans are finalized and the studies are underway.

Meeting Details

The locations and times for the two meetings are as follows:

January 29, 2013, 6:30 pm
GBRA River Annex
905 Nolan St.
Seguin, TX 78155 ... &trf=0&tt=

January 30, 2013, 6:30 pm
Victoria Community Center
2905 E. North St.
Victoria, TX 77901 ... vt=m&trf=0

Although not required, you can send email to TIFP to RSVP for either of the scheduled meetings ( You can also use this email address to send a comment to TIFP asking that a study site be added for the Canyon Dam tailrace.
I hope we have a good turnout for the meetings and demonstrate to the SB2 committee that there is a need for a study site in the tailrace. I look forward to seeing you at Seguin and/or Victoria


Gary Cobb
GRTU Conservation Chair