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Seattle Doc


Hi Folks,

I'm at Seattle transplant out here for medical residency. I'm learning to love Texas fishing and everything it has to teach me (mostly wind control).  I have two kayaks rigged for fishing and am playing with two hand techniques for the salt and muddy flats. I don't have much free time with resident work hours (one day off per week and tons of homework on that day) but I'd love to find some fishing buddies to call on the rare occasion that I can get out.  As a perks I'm a decent photographer of anything but skunks. ;)

PM me for cell phone to plan an outing.


Dave Kelly:
Welcome to Texas.
If your schedule permits. Our club meets tomorrow Tuesday night about 6ish. Please come by and visit and get to meet some of our members.

Look at our home page for directions to the southwest 59 location.   toward the bottom of the page.

Andrew, this John Purcell V.P. of Club. If you are still interested give me your cell phone, or call me 281-468.3034


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