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April Saltwater Outing --- Christmas Bay

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Well, the turn out was more based on quality than quantity as there were only three of us. Eduardo, George & I started off fishing the south shoreline west of the launch. The conditions looked good, except for the wind. Unfortunately, someone forgot to inform the fish. We then decided to head into Churchill Bayou and Little Churchill Bayou.  The water was somewhat murky and despite our best efforts, we struck out. The wind may have been forecast at 10, but was easily 15+. This ensured our paddle back to the ramp from Churchill would be "entertaining".  Afterwards, George came up with the best suggestion of the day, which was lunch at Cafe Michael Burger just west of the seawall.

Thought we all got skunked, it was a beautiful day with good food & good friends. All in all, it was a success, IMHO.


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