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For those of you who have built fly rods, what do you consider your "Must Have Tools" for building rods? I am about to dive into it and can't really decide where to start with what as far as tools. How about good books on fly rod building? Thanks.

Joe French:
Do you know the club has a rod building class starting up in January?


Good way to get started is to pick up the Flex Coat rod building kit, which includes all you need to get started. Includes the wrapping stand, dryer, epoxy, hi-build finish,  brushes, etc. Also includes a video and a pretty decent booklet to get you started. I think the kit sells for about $180 at FTU. Lots of you-tubes out there, and 2cool has a forum of very active rod builders who are hugely helpful to the novice - they helped me a great deal.

And yeah, Joe is right. You migh see if you can get in on the club's rod building classes. Some pretty talented rod builders leading that event.

Welcome to another new addiction!

Good luck... George


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