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Black plastic bead chain?


I saw Casey Smartt tie the fly using these eyes and craft fur.

Now that I've watched how easy he made it look, I'm ready to try it, but am having a difficult time finding the plastic bead chain.

I found some, but they have a minumum order of 100 at 3ft each.  That is way too much for my simple uses.  I only need a few feet to start with.

Does anybody have a clue where to find it?


Joe French:
I found some white plastic bead chain at Hobby Lobby in the bridal section. I suspose you could use a black sharpie to make them black. Did not look for black there.


I found some larger sizes in the Mardi Gras beads.  Here is my first attempt.

My packing needs some work, as does the details of the trimming. 

I'd be willing to throw this in front of a fish.


Dave Kelly:
Looks just shaggy enough to be tasty, said no fish ever.

However, I'll take a pound poached in lemon juice.


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