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Hi all!  I thought I would stop in and introduce myself.  I am from Houston, lived here until I went to college and then found myself in East Tennessee.  I almost exclusively fish in the Smoky Mountains.   I am a regular contributor on a forum up there ( if you are interested in any of my fishing reports.  I am back in town for the next two weeks but before I left I grabbed one of my rods and some minimal gear and my tying stuff.  I have next to zero warmwater fly fishing experience, least of all in the Houston area.  I know the area well, having lived here for 18 years, but was hoping for some pointers about what species are active this time of year and flies/poppers/streamers etc are good to use.  Any and all help will gladly be reciprocated should you ever decided to make a trip up the smokies - I'll gladly get you into the fish!

Thanks in advance!

Dave Kelly:
Welcome to the TFF website.  Hang out on the fresh water page and I'll bet someone will contact you. We like to meet new people.

For an afternoon quickie,, I would suggest White Oak Bayou    anywhere between North Houston - Fairbanks road, downstream.  Nothing big but fish willing to play the game. (Don't eat anything from the bayou). Also Braes Bayou has a healthy supply of carp.

Bass, sun fish, channel cat fish, carp, koi, talapia, are all available year round. Check the pictures  on the FW forum, there is usually  a fly sticking out of the mouth of the fish.


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