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May Saltwater Outing - CANCELED

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Yeah I cant make that weekend either - its Memorial Day weekend and my better half has plans that do not involving me being gone fishing.

However I am already busy every subsequent weekend until late June :(

Do we have a date for the Fence Lake trip yet?


I'm out as well.  Might be able to make something in June.

Fence Lake has not been scheduled.  I was under the impression that Chris had arranged the date last year after we had completed the 2011 outing as he had usually done after the the previous outings.  He told me at the last meeting that he did not make any arrangements for this year.  If you guys want to go I need someone to head up that outing and arrange with the Skimmer people.  We c an usually round up around ten to fifteen people for the outing.

Adam Colorado:
I had fun on this outing last year, but like some of the other fellas here, my gal has made plans that do not involve me camping in POC.  Can you believe that?!?

OK why don't we do this...since the freshwater outing is set for the weekend of the 8-10th of June why don't we schedule a POC Jetty/Bay outing for the 23rd and 24th of June.  That way most of you can fish both outings without conflict.  I have heard from Scott B.,  George S., Mike Q., Matt B., and a few others that have said they would be able to attend if we pushed the outing back a few weeks. So here you go.  I will change the info on the Outing thread above and will ask that if you are going that you sign up soon. 

Another subject:  My boat has been repaired...well that's what the mechanic says!  He said they really tested everything and could not fine the problem.  But a little fine tunming and shes up and running.  The Tachometer is not reading correctly and that might be in the computer but everything was supposed to have worked OK.  I would like to test her out soon so I have asked Ray Russ to bring his boat to POC and to follow me around (just in case) this weekend.  I'll let you know how it worked!  Still looking for a trailer if anybody knows of one sitting around that would work for a small craft like mine (14.5'). As is everything in life - all it takes is $$$$$ 


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