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Pre-Party Fishing Dec - 08

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Hey some of the guys are talking about wetting a line over at the Retention Ponds off Hollister and West Little York this coming Saturday.  OK by me.  I can't think of a better way to prepare for our Christmas Party later that night.  So far I thinking it will be Mike Quigley, Alex Blaque, Jim Anderson, myself and maybe a few others.  Cant hurt to get some stories from a days fishing before meeting up with the TFF Membership!  Most of you have my me.

We'll meet up around 8:30 - 9:00 AM at the store.

The Bayou looks in Great Condition!!!!!!!

What a day!  Beautiful warm weather and the bass wanted to cooperate with the fishers.  We had a good turn out with Barry S., Jim A., Mike Q., Scott B., Russell C. and I being there right on time. Well we had to wait for Scott but that just gave us time to rig up and tell stories.  Jim had a memorization test for me which I soon past with flying colors. Tommy Emmanuel is the guitarist I spoke of before Jim and if any of you like jazz acoustic guitar instrumentalist he is the best.  Anyways back to the fishing.

We all first went down to the bayou and tried our luck!  My mojo was on as I caught five fish in probably 20 casts! The water was in good shape and you could see the rocks and deeper holes with no problem...Oops I just gave away their hiding spots!  We all caught some good healthy bass and several perch.

Here we are waiting for Scott.

My first of the day. Yes it was a first cast to fish! What did you expect!

Here is the next one and for you guys who want to know what I was using...well here you go!

This pretty lil gal wanted to play too.

These two guys were hunkered down in a good spot just enjoying the day.

So we moved up to the ponds to try our hands there.  Whoa...he we go again. my first three casts netted some of these.

This guy had some size to 'em I believe these fish are growing some and next summer they'll be some good 'ens

Every time I looked up Quigley had a bass jumping into the air.

Scott was over hiding in the cat tails slaying the bass and the coots!

Next time we go why don't you all join us.  You'll have a great time! Happy Hoildays.


Great write up, Mike. Defnitely a good time. Now, just find that anchor!!  :P


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