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Supperb Sabine


Well this past weekend several TFF'ers and I got together after our discussion at the TFF meeting last week and decided to make a short trip back to the Bridge City area and give the waters there a thorough try.  Mike Stegman, his brother, and a couple of friends along with Scott Breedlove, George Sutherland and I met up a the launch and put in all the guys with the exception of George and I used their Kayaks.  George and I in his Beavertail skiff.  George and I used some conventional tackle for the early hours trying to find a good trout bite but until we found some birds working, (thanks for the call guys) over by the ICW.  George and I quickly got a double and then they were GONE!  We tried a bit longer but we could not find a trout. So we went over to a couple of nearby island where we spotted some fish tearing up the water so a closer investigation revealed large fish swimming in the shallows against the bank which apeared to be jacks but we later discovered these were all oversized reds.  I told George he was up and I jumppedup on the poling platform and we set off for these pigs.  They disappeared real quick but we found singles and doubles crusing around but George didn't have his mojo quite yet. He had lots of shots but no takers... We made two passes looking for the big fish but all we could muster up were the same single here and double there and they were not playing with George. 

I told George lets go across the ICW to the north  shoreline there and look for similar fish.  we did and it was my turn to take the bow. George called out a fish at 10:00 o'clock moving left at thirty feet, one cast to its left right off his nose and nothing happened George said recast I did this time on his rightside and boom fish on. after a brief but exciting fight the fish came to hand. A healthy "ONE-EYED" 23" redfish. No joke here is the proof. 

Eye on this side

No eye on this one

HAHA told you. Well we fished on where I caught one more 21"er but there just wasn't real clear water here and the fish must have moved elsewhere.  George and found the guys out in the bay's open water.  They had caught several nice flounder and trout but were not finding the redfish.

George and I went to look for Scott B. who we knew was searching for fish back in the marsh.  We found him coming out the channel from the marsh  but he told us he didn't find even one fish???? Not Scott.

After a short discussion I jumped behind the wheel of the Beavertail  and we were off to check out some other nearby shorelines.  Once we arrived we both went into SHOCK!  This shore had crystal clear water and was full of fish.  And I am not lying. We saw ove six reds, twenty sheepshead, and a few sundry trout, flounder and drum!  NO KIDDING. George will post up some pictures but we each caught fish.  George caught a beauty from the bow of his boat busting his cherry GOOD!  WAY TO GO GEORGIE BOY! The only thing George did WRONG was he lost my automatic fly, my never get a refusal fly, the fly that a big redfish George casted to busted his bite tippet like right NOW fly. 

We got so covered up in fish that we completely forgot to call any of the other guys and tell them about our find...didn't we George ...hehehe

When we got back to the ramp - Scott Breedlove was still there waiting for us to return holding a couple of ice cold brews...I felt so bad about not telling him about our fishing discovery I almost could not choke down the brew...hehehe but I did treat him to the best Sunday meal in Bridge City Texas.  Yep you gessed it WHATABURGER! 

For you guys who fish the Salt we found a great spot relatively close by and full of fish. For you guys who don't fish  oh well !

GEORG please post up your pictures!

Yeah, Mike is right…  Sabine was superb!  Was a great day on Sunday; great waters and pretty close to home. Very kayak friendly, with some really nice shorelines and shallow water very close to the launch point.  Wading can be difficult in the areas; there is some pretty soft mud in the areas, but for the most part okay.

True story about that one-eyed redfish. That was something to see. That was why the fish didn't take the first cast - Mike cast to it's bind side. After the recast to his right side he jumped right on the fly.

Oh... and this is important. Here’s an offer to all you fly tyers…  Mike is wound pretty tight after I lost his last remaining perfect redfish fly. You’d think he just lost his best dog or something he’s so upset.  It was a redfish crack fly, but what was interesting was the craft fur that was used. Gray in color, but in the water it almost had a luminescent quality that looked a little purple and silver. I don’t know who tied it, but it was a killer. Redfish were refusing other colors of redfish crack (pink head/ tan tail), but this one was deadly. So… here’s the offer. I’ll put up $100 to whoever can come up with the best fly per Mike’s spec, and put together twelve flies based on that recipe.  Six for Mike, six for me. I know that is a lot of money for a dozen flies, but it is worth it to me to stop the whining.  If you have a recipe that will make that work let me know and we’ll get started.  I’ll also post the offer under “tying chat” and see who can come up with the best looking fly.

A couple of photos to add to the post:

Here’s Mike on the bow, fighting a redfish…

Redfish coming to hand…

And here’s a little something to ease the aching shoulders after a long day of poling in soft mud. Salties will recognize this as the Port O’Connor cocktail – ibuprofen and a glass of rum.

Ready to return to the Sabine marsh – a great location and makes a great day trip!

You'll be glad to know I found the tyer and am meeting him tonight at a remote location. I have the flys ordered and will badger the tyer until they are done. YoU can keep your $100.00 I will be glad to buy the flys as you supplied the boat and trip up and back which was by the way A GREAT TIME! Also I recommend you retie your leader knots (while standing on a chair in the back yard) so this will never happen again!  It ain't as easy as it looks casting from the Bow is it George.  Your are getting better on the poling though and just maybe a few more trips and you will have it! We had a blast!

I met the tyer (name left out) last night and he has agreed to bang out a few for us.  He brought one last night that looked close but was slightly different in design. I am hoping he will have them ready soon. He also enjoyed hearing how the redfish reacted to them.


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