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June Saltwater Outing

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That is the same time of the South Llano Trip 



Going on the Llano trip on the 8th.

Scott B

Current dates are good for me. I have signed up for the trip. Will bring my boat to help move people and equipment.

Thanks Kelley! That will be a big help ant one else.  I knew about the date of the llano trip but I'm looking for what date works best for the Salties.  Besides the later in the month, the better for the big fish and possibility of less air notice I did not say that word!

Hunter Soape:
I am certainly a no go for the 22-24th weekend. Although I would love to skip my Sister-in-Laws wedding to go fishing.
The 8-10 would probably work for me, once you decide I will check on getting the family's boat again.


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