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February 2013, Prison Permit

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Wow Dan... thanks for the invite, dude!

Great trip that was a whole lotta fun. Would have loved to have had improved weather and more cooperative fish, but a great time nonetheless. Weather will improve as spring arrives for sure... the next rrip will be even better. Great food and plenty of adult beverages enjoyed! And yeah, Alan - thanks for your hospitality! And thanks to Golden for managing a big group of people and lining up the details!

Well, as you know I'm typically not given to self promotion, but I thought I'd post the photo of my flounder... courtesy of Scott Breedlove. This was a very significant fish, because it was the first fish caught on my own hand-tied fly (in the beginners' class), with one of my hand-built rods. Joe Nicklo claims that is a spiritual experience. I think he's right!

Ready for the next one!


Thanks again to Alan, Bill and Wendell for putting the group up for the night and the guys with the boats to haul the rest of us around. Thanks to George for hauling me around in his skiff. Big thanks to Mike for doing all the organizing and cat herding to make this thing happen.

It was a tough day fishing but a great day to get out and wet a line. 

For the third year in a row the winner was in Alan K's boat. Wonder what that means.

Scott B

Prison permit points

These will only be alive for another day or so.


Dave Kelly:
What is Prison Permit Points?


--- Quote from: Dave Kelly on March 13, 2013, 10:15:38 PM ---What is Prison Permit Points?

--- End quote ---

GPS points.


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