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March 2013

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I know you'd go Puck, if you could. What about the rest of y'all? Don't make Dan & me  hold down the fort by ourselves.....

Finn Maccumhail:
I'm more concerned that we haven't put together a TFF trip to the Devil's yet.  >:(

I have a contract on my house ...YEAH BABY! But I will still have to do some work before the inspection:( If I were to go I'd have to borrow Kayak. I'll see.

Dave Kelly:

Finn Maccumhail:
So sunrise tomorrow is at 7:20AM; high tide is at 3:45AM and low tide is at 11:58AM.

The plan on here calls for meeting at 8:30AM but I think, if you're up to it, it would be advantageous to meet & launch at 7'ish.



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