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March 2013

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Well, only Denis and I showed up. The day was pretty nice, overcast with very light SE winds. Water temp was around 68. Fishing was slow. I lost a redfish drifting across a flat straight out from Waterman's and caught a small trout. The trout may have been small, but it was my first fish on a fly that I tied. Denis lost a fish as well, but wasn't sure what it was. We didn't exactly fish it super intensely or we may have caught another one or two. Afterwards, we had lunch at Watermans. Good food! All in all, it was a nice day to be out on the water.

Thanks for the report Mike. Sorry I could not attend.

My day consisted of going to POC and seeing what it would take to bring back my RV camper to Houston.  Once there, Scott (S-I-L) Dale (Future S-I-L) did a few repairs, cleanup the grounds, hooked up the lights, (didn't work) and pulled her out. Well all of that went real well! This trailer hasn't been moved in four years and we were expecting troubles you should.  We pulled her across the street and aired up the tires which went well. None of them looked in poor condition.

While the boys were working on the hook-up I decided to try to start my boat. Key in, turn and she started right up! Be it that the warning lights were flashing and she was only running on two cylinders. I could tell all that was wrong was a fowled plug.  I ran some water through the motor and the boat engine did fine!  Well now that was a good omen for sure!

We took my push pole over to KT’s place and chatted with him for awhile.  By the way, if any of you are planning a tarpon for this summer you better schedule KT now. Anyways enough of the spam, the trailer was pulling around town just fine. Still no lights but …

We started out for Port Lavaca and had made it about three miles, when a tire (the oldest one on the trailer) let go taking out the plastic fender skirt but that was it for any damage.  No big deal.  We disconnected the trailer and went back to town taking the spare (in real poor condition) and the blown tire to see if we could upgrade the spare and buy a new running tire. Port O’Connor Marine (Chris Mapp) had everything we needed, (now let’s all say in unison…CHA-CHING $$$). While Chris’s guys we mounting the tires we went over to Cathy’s for a Cardio-Cheese Burger which both of the boys were in cholesterol heaven after downing theirs and of course a table sized order of FRIED onion rings! Anyways back to Chris’s place to pick up the tires and return to the trailer out on the hwy.

Once mounted on the spindles we wee off and all was cool.  We stopped at the TA stop in Ganado to check out the trailer and all was good.  We drove back to Htown hardly noticing the trailer was behind the truck (2009 1 ton Ford Diesel). We had a problem coming into Rosenberg where the road had a bunch of heavy-duty bumps.  The Trailer’s canopy mounts gave way at the front mounting and that peeled back a single piece of siding at the very bottom.  We pulled over and took about fifteen minutes to repair using several sheet metal screws, some cussing, and a cold beer from the trailer’s refrigerator. We made back to my house without any other problems. SWEET! 

So now I/we have another project piece to work on to get ready for the upcoming season.  I am figuring on fixing the back portion of the floor, interior wall paneling, and getting the waste tank repaired.  Other items will get addressed as needed so she should be in ... let’s just say a whole lot better condition than she has been over the last few years.

Now let’s talk my boat…since my house has SOLD I will be using some of the proceeds to get that new trailer I have been talking about. I will bring the boat back to Houston. Once here, I will re-gelcoat the floor, resurface and finish the console and hull, repaint the casting and poling platforms, replace the fuel line – install an external fuel filter and cutoff switch, have the bottom end gone thru replacing the water pump and the impeller for sure. And of course have the engine tuned up. Oh yea and have my prop re-done if not buying a new one.  Should have that all done by the first of June I’d say.  Once back in that condition she and I both will be ready for this summer down in POC.  I will tell you this I will be putting a electric winch on the trailer and Teflon runners on the bunks and NO more will the trailer be getting dipped into the salt water.   I will be staying …meaning buying into my nephew’s trailer and will be fishing once again with all of the reckless abandon that I once did. Man will that be nice.  So get ready for many outing down south.  Also my revamped trailer may be up for sale…I don’t know Scott and the family may want for trips to Galveston or where ever.

Thanks for the report, Mike.  Glad you guys got out on the water and caught some fish. 


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