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April 20th, 2013, John Scarborough Sunfish Spectacular

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17 signed up?

We can do better.....

Went to D7Ls yesterday with Jim H.  (2013-04-13), and caught some fish.

Watching the 'gills drag the spider under again and again, only to see Jim "fish on" with a black popper.

Next weekend is looking good!


This thread is absolutely no good without pictures!

Fortunately Mike Quigley and I were able to fish today on the WOB!  As always the fish were there and ready to cooperate.

Quigley's beautiful little Chichlid

I caught this Bass

...and this one

This one ate a prop fly that was tied during one of the fly tying classes out by the horse track.

I also caught a chichlid and was going for a slam but was denied!

Those of us that are signed up early are being rewarded!

If your name was on the list before midnight last night, Mike is putting together a box of "killer" flies that he will give us when we sign in.

For the late folks, he will offer the same set for sale.


What is Midnight of the 15TH. ?


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