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June 2013, Lighthouse Lakes

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I just Googled the Causeway Bridge (Hwy 361) and I can see the Marina.  On the map it's called the Tarpon Shores Marina but I know it's not called that anymore. It is the Marina the Lydia Anne tournament is run out of. Good parking and real close to Brown & Root as well as the Lighthouse Lakes.  Ya'll get signed in soon.

I have sent out a special invitation to most of our Yakers...however if you were not invited by my email you are by this invitation...please come and join us in a great weekend of fly fishing.

I don't want to be negative but seven case of VIBRIO in the corpus area were reported by Capt'n. Billie Coechen this past weekend on the radio Fishing Show. Brown Tide is also active south of the Packery Channel.  So please be advised it is summer and you need to take precaution.  She said to bring a spray bottle of 10% bleach and when you get out of the water you spray down immediately and monitor any abrasions you might have received!

I'm ready!


Puck I thought you were fishing today out on the Llano? Did you come back early or did you not plan on staying overnight? Hope you had a blast!  I'll read your post next.

C'mon folks, we need more to sign up. That means you, Puck, Scott, George, Dan, Barry et al!

Regrets, gents... cannot make this trip. Would love to make that trip (have yet to fish the area), but that weekend I'll be heads-down with work related milestones.  :o

I know, if only I were slightly more dysfunctional!

Have a great time and take pics!



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