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June 2013, Lighthouse Lakes

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Looks like it was a great time... great photos! God to see some nice fish brought to hand.

Posing an answer to Golden's question - Mike Q. must be a Ladies' Man  ;) !!

Finn Maccumhail:
Hey, who's the fat guy in blue?

Oh wait, that's... >:(

Down 52 pounds since late March, 50'ish more to go.

One of the first things to go are your wading pants! I have two pair that i have grown (for the better) out of. Need some new 36's!  8)

Don - just make sure you get out of that Cadillac of a boat you'll be in and wade that butt off!!!!!!!!

To Don H. - I want you to show off your casting talents to your boat partners...I know you have skills and have a great knowledge of POC!  Last years fish prove it!  Will be fun having you fish with us.


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