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June 2013, Lighthouse Lakes

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Can't imagine anyone objecting to you bringing a guest! Good on you for inviting the young man along! Need more young folks with fishing rods and less sitting on their rear ends watching "The Kardashians"

Sorry Guys for not making the work just didn't allow for it! :-X

I just got a call from John P. out on the water (9:30 am Sat morning) and he in the last hour has landed three slot redfish and had to hang up on me because he spotted two more coming right at him!  NICE.

He told me the guys met up at Swan Point Friday evening and watched a few videos to get their blood pumping.  Thanks to Dave Heyward and his great staff at Swan Point Outfitters.  Everybody has shown up in good order. Be safe and have a great day.  I'll catch up next time.

Thanks to Phil and Pam S. for letting our fishing "hobos" crash at their place.

Scrubbed Lighthouse Lakes when we saw how low the water was, so we actually fished Brown and Roots flats. 

I'll give a better report later.

Fishing was small pods, and very scattered.  We saw more in the early morning, just after sunrise, and then the wind picked up, and the sighting was slower.



Thanks Puck!  My only question was how did Mike Q. talk that LADYFISH into biting his fly?


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